Leaders from all over the world welcome our book

“Arise and Ascend: A Guide to the Temple Mount” – a unique Temple Mount guidebook

This book was published in a joint effort between the Meeting Place Association of Jerusalem and TMHF, with the goal of making the Temple Mount accessible and meaningful to its visitors and to the millions of people around the world who want to learn more about the site, considered the holiest in Judaism.

We are happy that “Arise and Ascend” has been widely endorsed by diverse religious leaders around the world and includes introductions written by Israel’s Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, chief rabbi of the town of Efrat; American Pastor Keith Johnson, who founded the Biblical Foundations Academy International; and Muslim and Islamic scholar Adnan Oktar from Turkey.

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And here is what these people say about the book:

It is for the first time that a Guide to the Temple Mount, heedful of Jewish religious law, has been published. The significance of the book for Israelites and tourists can hardly be overestimated, given that the Temple Mount is the very heart of the many-thousand-year-old Jewish history and one of the centers around which all modern civilization has been formed. This small book presents, in a most fascinating manner, a lot of essential information which has before been unavailable even to a versed reader .

I hope the Guide will help the visitor to the Temple Mount gain a glimpse into the hitherto unknown, otherworldly Jewish Temple and understand that there is no other place in the Holy Land more important and valued than this.

Zeev Elkin, Member of Knesset

According to the Bible, the Creator and Master of the world has a “dwelling place” in this world. The Holy Temple in Jerusalem — the City of God, the City of Peace (shalom), the City of Wholeness (shalem) — is ultimately to be the source from which teachings of love, morality and peace will extend to all the families of the earth (Isaiah 2, Micah 4). Then “My house will be a House of Prayer for all peoples”, and “all will call upon the Name of God to serve Him in united resolve” (Zephania 3:9).

The Guide to the Temple Mount is a user-friendly handbook that examines closely the present reality on the Temple Mount and through it provides glimpses of the past and a vision for the future.

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chie f Rabbi of Efrat, Israel


It is a rare opportunity to set our feet where the Creator of the universe has set His name. Such is the case when we arise and ascend the Temple  Mount. I pray that all who make their way to this sacred place will interact with the historical, archaeological, and biblical information in this book and personally experience the promise of the One who said, “I have consecrated this house which you have built by putting My name there forever, and My eyes and My heart will be there perpetually” (1 Kings 9:3).

Pastor Keith Johnson

Biblical Foundations Academy, International

The Temple Mount is a holy place that we wish to be the abode of love, peace and brotherhood. We pray that this site becomes a peaceful place where we can express our faith, allegiance, submission and love of God. We are at a time when these beautiful days that God promised to his sincere and faithful servants are very near. By the will of God, within short time Muslims, Jews and Christians will all walk down that road accompanied with the sound of shofar, azan and church bells praying to and praising God under the guidance of Moshiach. At the break of dawn, the sound of azan, shofar and church bells will resound and jollify the skies.

A great enjoyment, fervor and joy will prevail. We will rebuild the Prayer House of Solomon. The Prophet of Solomon is very dear to us, Muslims, as he is to Jews. He is our ancestor, our kin too. We will altogether build the Prayer House of Solomon the same as it was constructed thousands of years ago by our grandfather Prophet Solomon. Both al-Aqsa Mosque, Prayer House of Solomon and the holy sites of Christians will remain upright till the Day of Judgment insha’Allah (God willing). The world will certainly see this. Those who assess the Middle East with a cold policy can not comprehend this glad tiding. They assume everything is revolving around politics. Yet both the Middle East and the world is shaping around the flow of events regarding the End Times and the appearance of Mahdi, that is to say, the system of Mahdi, aka Moshiach.

Events that are foretold in the Torah, the Qur’an and the sayings of our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) thousands of years ago are taking place at our time. That is why our brothers who believe in God should not despair of this troubles of today. They should see that every difficulty is a glad tiding of the coming of the Mahdi/Moshiach. They should pray that God makes the public appearance of the Mahdi as soon as possible. They should persistently ask God in their daily prayers to hasten the coming beautiful servant of God and to meet him. And they should not forget that love and peace will undoubtedly prevail on the world. That is the promise of God and God does not break His promise.

Adnan Oktar, prominent Muslim author and TV commentator from Turkey

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