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Award-winning wines wines in Binyamin, brand olive oils in Samaria, a holiday cottage with a Jacuzzi under the glow of the Judean desert-sky, an outstanding restaurant on a farm in Gush Etzion and superb cheeses in the southern Hebron hills – these are but a small taste of the wealth and satisfaction found by three Jerusalemites, who decided to set out and find the good life in the land of the settlements.

Yesha is fun is a guide which investigates boutique tourism both humorously and in depth, in Binyamin, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, Northern Dead Sea, Etzion bloc and the Hebron Hills. Their clear descriptions are accompanied by spellbinding pictures.

Yesha is Fun is a must-buy book for lovers of good wines, good food and the good land. A book which is pleasurable to read, lovely to give as a gift and fun to keep in the car and take on a journey to a land both far and near.

Yesha is Fun is the fruit of the entrepreneurship of Karni Eldad, musician and writer, together with her husband, Shlomo Bashan, ex-Manager of the Gush Katif Museum, who assisted her with her inquiries, writing and editing and the artist and designer Amasa Menachem, graduate of Betzalel art school, who designed the guide. The trek was captivating, amusing and moving.

Hope you'll feel the same!

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