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Plant YOUR OWN tree in Judaea!

Tu Bishvat is approaching. Every one of us, no matter in what country we live, can plant his/her own tree in Israel. And not just in some random place but in the very heart of our country, in Judaea. The Meeting Place amuta (non-profit organization) and the settlement of Nokdim invite you to join in this undertaking. In the immediate vicinity of the Judean Desert, in the settlement of Nokdim, we are going to lay out a park composed of YOUR trees.

The trees wil be here:

Our aim is not just to stick seedlings in the ground but to provide them with watering during the first five years, with proper nursing and everything the young plants need to take root   and turn into a blossoming garden. Here, in Nokdim, we have a skilled gardener to look after the seedlings and the park will be kept clean and attractive. Your threes will be in good hands!

The invested assets will surely pay off. You invest money in YOUR OWN tree and we will provide it with good permanent care. Upon registration, every tree will be assigned a number that will be passed over to you.

In case you don’t live in Israel you will also be able to donate a tree! Everyone who wants to plant one’s own tree may arrange a payment for purchasing the tree and for providing it with watering and care during the first five years, while we will do the planting.

And those of you who are willing to do the planting with your own hands are invited to come to Nokdim! The planting will take place on January 29, 2016.

To be registered as a donator, you must make an advance payment. Per tree, the purchasing, care and providing for its deep rooting and successful surviving amounts to 800 shekels (or $180 if paid from abroad).

To pay in shekels:

To pay in dollars:

We will make sure that you will always be able to take you children and grandchildren to the park!

Plant YOUR OWN tree in Judaea!

Есть также возможность оплаты чеками в рассрочку — до 4-х отсроченных чеков.
Выслать чек на имя נקודת מפגש по адресу:

נקודת מפגש
ד.נ. צפון יהודה
נוקדים, ת.ד. 27

Не забудьте, пожалуйста, приложить к чеку записку с указанием, на что предназначены деньги, и Ваши координаты, по которым с Вами можно будет поддерживать связь.

Мы сделаем так, чтобы вы смогли водить в этот парк своих детей и внуков!

Посади СВОЕ  дерево в Иудее!