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Отрывок из дневника британского консула за июль 1855 г.
On the 26th of July Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore were admitted into the Temple Sanctuary by the Pashk.
There was a very striking difierence between this visit and those of the Royal parties preceding. The black Africans were not this time confined under the bayonets of Turkish infantry. An escort of armed soldiers was, indeed, marched on either side o£ the party of visitors for their protection, and these soldiers kept at a distance any who might have molested us ; but the Moslems were not excluded from their habitual walks and prayers in the Courts of the Sanctuary during our visit. The hour appointed by the Pasha was in the early morning.
The party consisted only of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore with their friends and attendants; and with myself my wife, and our Vice-Consul for Caifa, Mr. Rogers, and his sister Miss Rogers ; also two Jewish interpreters, one attached to my Consulate, the other, the oficial interpreter of the Chief Rabbi, both present out of respect for Sir Moses Montefiore. The Pashk and the Commandant of the troops personally conducted the visitors, and the Hereditary Guardian of the Mosque, Shaikh Mohammed Danef, was also in attendance with his sons.
The exquisite green of the sward as it had been when we saw the place in April was gone, but the effect of the whole was perhaps quite as lovely this time, imder the lights and shades of early morning. And now we were at leisure to look round and fully enjoy what had last time been only glanced at in the excitement of a first
and anxious visit.
We once more beheld the majestic Rock, visited the Cave, noticed all the glorious features of this unrivalled site for the Temple of God, — and then passed on (between the Cypresses and the Basin where water from Solomon's Pools was weing up) to the Aksa Mosque, where the Pashk called upon a sallow-faced Moslem, a Shereef, moreover, wearing a green turban, to draw water, and he drew it, cold and clear from the deep well at the entrance of the Aksa, for Sir Moses Montefiore and his party to drink. This well is called the well of Moses,
and is highly valued.
We were also conducted into places not seen before, as the subterranean Passage under the Aksa leading to the Double Gateway, with its monolith column and palm-branch Capital, and to the Golden Gate.
Finally, the Pashk caused carpets to be spread on the great Platform under the small "Dome of the Chain" (also called / the Judgment Seat of David '), east of the Dome of the Rock, for the party to sit and look around upon Olivet and Zion, and rest while conversing on the intensely interesting associations and reminiscences of the place. Most of these bore upon the Temple and the Temple Services. Allusion was also made to the Psalms of David referring to this subject.
On leaving, and when thanking the Pashk for his courtesy and real consideration shown in all the arrangements, he recommended that a large proportion of the presents about to be made to the people connected with the Sanctuary, should be allotted to the black Africans;and it was very easy to imderstand that such a mode of
treatment would produce a better effect among them than the course which had been necessary, on the late Royal visit, of imprisonment under Turkish troops with fixed bayonets.